Veloce is the very first premium bicycle brand manufactured in Bangladesh. The brand is owned by Meghna, the number 1 premium bike manufacturer in South Asia. Veloce started its journey back in 2014 to provide affordable premium bikes for cycling enthusiasts, while maintaining all European ISO standards that Meghna learnt from the experiences in exporting bikes to Europe. The brand started small, with selling only few hundred units per month back in 2014.

Market Position

Currently, Veloce is the most well known bicycle brand in Bangladesh, and one of the few bicycle brands catering to the premium bicycle segment in Bangladesh with over 80% market share. Veloce has reached the global market starting with India in 2020, currently expanding distribution networks in India and surrounding countries in the region.

Veloce Technologies

A premium bicycle component brand manufactured by Meghna. It is the perfect mixture of innovation, technology and design to provide superior quality, and durability.

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